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Highlights in 2015 GILE? Source:admin    Date: 2015-11-07

2015 GILE,also known as “Guang Ya Exhibition” successfully finished,as a participant and professional LED module manufacturer,Yayuhong Optoelectronic & Technology has made a conclusion about it as below :

First,Foreign encapsulation & chip suppliers begin marketed csp

Second,Many domestic and overseas component product manufacturers are focused on LED lighting source modules,especially ic integrated products;

Third :EMC component products made high power high bay light and flood light,copying integrated encapsulation technology;

Fourth,For ic integrated lighting source module divided into low power components and single COB components,they are used in different places.

Fifth,Automobile lamps,all lamps becomes modular,especially for headlight and turn light;

Sixth,Intelligent lamps lighting scheme, intelligent solutions for family and business places  

Seventh,Direct type back lighting source,all TV signage products already contains csp products;

Eighth,csp encapsulation is copying COB , cascade and parallel connection for many small components,it can be encapsulated infinitely;

Nineth,COB components which under 30w is still the mainstream products in the market;

Tenth,50w above Integrated encapsulation products has the advantage in cost performance;

Eleventh,Application of UV light is becoming more and more polupar ,also the popularizing rate becomes higher and higher;

Twelfth,Plant lighting aspect,mainly made up of blue and red light;

Thirteenth ,Blue diamond bottoming filament is still the main products which replaces the tungsten lamps,

Fourteenth,G9 bulb is black horse in the industry;

Fifteenth ,All manufacturers were focused on dimmable,colorable products,choices in power supplies becomes more and more diversified

Sixteenth,Filament module which used in filament bulb ,wasn’t be shown in GILE,but already developed by some companies,they’ve done good in cost and patent protection.The best solution is transparent foam + non-inflation + non-wick base + inversion chip;

Seventeenth,The component manufacturers are increasing rapidly.For many new devices,many suppliers has their own solutions ,it means that the production cost will probably be lower ;

Eighteenth,The practical encapsulated and inversion lighting source is still not ripe and large-scale appeared,the price of socalled CSP and inversion encapsulated lighting sources is around ¥1/ advantage ;

Nineteenth,High CRI ,above 90 or around 95 of commercial lighting will be increased,meanwhile the color gamut coordination controlling and spectrum structure process will be strengthen,in order to get a better shading effect;

Twentieth ,Many photoelectric engines,but the non-strobe +light source + AC type.




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