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YYH-----A Rising Star of AD Lighting Source Module Industry Source:admin    Date: 2015-10-29

Light source, as the lighting component of led modules and led strips, as well as the core component, it plays an important role in the quality of whole module. we mainly choose below core components: Cree,Osram, HP, Epistar, production process according to client’s requirement and provide inspection report. for the top shells, we use ABS+PC combo, double color injection machine process,the combined parts of ABC and PC was injected by high temperature ,waterproof level can reach IP67 or above. For bottom shell, we use ABS + high temperature resistance metal powder mixture. For the welding oftop and bottom shells, we use ultrasonic welding technology, the waterproof level can reach to IP67, verified certificates provided .We use international standard No.18 tinned wire which the cable quantity is 41,all modules use constant current ,that makes the light and modules works more steady .also we can print the logo as client’s required, adding our strict quality control system , we promise a 5--year warranty .

Maybe you are using Korea module since no trust on products from china. Actually module itself is a very simple product with no complicated circuit and many heat dissipation processes(because it’s not a high power product),you can see everything when split. For korea brand modules, they didn’t use aluminum base at all. Maybe you used to import led modules fromother china suppliers and caused many quality problems ,more importantly theydon’t have a right attitude on it. New products brought passions to those suppliers,they don’t even catch the essence of module, they earn high profitbut don’t use better material ,adding lack of production experience, as well as low factory threshold(several workers can open a factory). All these factors makesa bad module market in china before.

Along with more and more complaints from customers ,those china manufacturers began to realize their deficiency and stopped aimless production and develop their own new products, they’ve gotrapid progress no matter in appearance and performance,so currently the products which from the top china suppliers is not bad . we’ve been in industryfor years and know the situation of china module market very well, 2 korea brand module manufacturers are using our lighting source for years. About china module manufacturers, YYH CTO specially published a editorial named <China Module manufacturer >,he made a accurate analysis on china module suppliers, hope you can have a notice when available. We can take you to every china module manufacturer that you want. We are confident of ourselves, no matter in capacity, product appearance and quality. many buyersmay think we are bragging, we suggest you buy a small amount to do the test ,wewelcome query and we will defeat query by our product. our products are able toon a par with GE led Module/SS LED/NC LED/GOQ LED and so on brand products.


Since our new product access to market, it soon accepted by customers worldwide ,currently our agents comes from Indonesia, US, Arabic countroes, Holland, Vietnam,France, Italy, Russia etc. our monthly capacity  is 2,000,000  pcs .

As an industry person, I believe you will choose us, you will feel our profession, preciseness and loyalty to customer.  

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